J.J. Rendon is best known for being the political strategist against Socialism of the 21st century and neo-totalitarian regimes, and was the first Hispanic inducted into the Hall of Fame of Political Consulting of the Reed Latino in 2012. Considered one of “the 10 most important political consultants of the world” by ABC International and “the region's (South America) most sought-after strategists” by FOX News, Rendon is the founder of JJ Rendon & Associates Creative and Strategy (JJ Rendon y Asociados Creatividad y Estrategia), which is credited with the 2010 and 2014 (re-election) Colombia presidential victories of Juan Manuel Santos. In 2010, ten days before the Colombian presidential election, he helped turn a close presidential race into a landscape victory for Santos against Green Party candidate Antanas Mockus.

Rendon was also the main strategist of the successful presidential campaigns of Porfirio Lobo Sosa (2010) and Juan Orlando Hernandez (2012) in Honduras, and Henrique Peña Nieto’s 2012 winner presidential campaign in Mexico, among others. More than 28 triumphant Latin American presidential campaigns made him an acknowledged expert in Hispanic voters and their idiosyncrasy.

J.J. Rendon is the CEO of Get Real Films. This production company debut with the documentary “Here comes the Wolf,” the first of a series of 13 Documentaries currently in pre-production. Rendon is also a a partner of V-me, the first Spanish broadcast television network in association with public television stations reaching over 70 million households.

On September 16, 2016, J.J. Rendon was invested with the honorary PhD in Political Science by Cambridge Graduate University International and presented his seminary “The Power of One” in the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston.

J.J. Rendon was given the flag of the United States of America, after it was raised in his honor by the United States Congress in recognition of his twenty-five years of work as a political consultant. He has also received several awards such as the Humanitarian Award for Innovation from the HIF at the United Nations headquarters in New York, the Victory Awards on two occasions, in 2015 for “Crisis management of the Year,” and in 2012, when he was inducted into the “Hall of Fame of Political Consulting.” He has also received the Order of Merit by Honduran President, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, the Keys of the City of Doral by Mayor, Luigi Boria, and the Special Annual Prize for New Techniques in Political Communication by ALACOP.

Born on January 27, 1964, in Caracas, Venezuela, Juan José Rendón Delgado, known professionally as "JJ Rendon", is a Latin American political consultant, psychologist and professor who received quality education in Venezuela, Andres Bello Catholic University and Central University of Venezuela, and obtained a postgraduate degree in Ontopsychology in Associazione Internazionale, the Italian university founded by Antonio Meneghetti, as well as specializations in Psychology of Mass Communication, Strategic Planning, and Publicity and Marketing Management.

Early Political Career

Starting as the driver of the pioneering campaign consultant Joseph Napolitan at a young age, soon after Rendon served as his assistant in the second presidential run of Carlos Andres Perez. Rendon founded an advertising company, Chiripa Publicidad, in Caracas, Venezuela. Some of his first clients were the former Venezuelan president Rafael Caldera (1969-1974), who was elected president for his second term in a narrow victory in 1993, minister of Defence Italo del Valle Alliegro and Secretary-General Enrique Ochoa Antich. In the early 2000s, Rendón worked with organizations including the dominant Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Party of the U. And in 2006, he became policy adviser of the minister of National Defense in Colombia during the Alvaro Uribe administration.

JJ Rendón Specialist In

  • Political communication
  • Hispanic vote
  • Rumor clinic
  • Marketing social
  • Public opinion crisis management
  • Political career mapping


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