Psychologist, communicator and publicist. 

He has postgraduate degrees in Ontopsychology and Organization Development, as well as specializations in Psychology of Mass Communication, Strategic Planning, and Publicity and Marketing Management.

During his twenty-five year long career, he has advised on campaigns at the presidential, state, and local levels. Out of the thousands of campaigns he has been involved in, the most distinguished are the twenty-eight presidential campaigns. He was the strategist for President- Elect Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras as well as the incumbent President Porfirio Lobo’s campaign in 2009, President Juan Manuel Santos in Colombia, and President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico.

He is a disciple of the recognized scientist, Antonio Meneghetti, and Joseph Napolitan, the father of political consulting.

JJ Rendón has been defined as the “best strategist in Latin America”, as well as one of the three best “Gurus in political strategy” in the world. He is considered to be the consultant that is best paid, feared the most, attacked the most, and also the most demanded and most efficient.

He has been awarded with four doctorates "honoris causa" by various different Latin American universities. He was given the flag of the United States of America, after it was raised in his honor by the United States Congress in recognition of his twenty-five years of work as a political consultant, during which he has always defended liberty, democracy and civil rights.

In the year 2012, the American publication “Campaigns and Elections” chose JJ Rendón as one of the five members of their first “Hall of Fame of Political Consulting”. This is the highest recognition awarded to consultants, for their efforts and achievements in their work as strategists.

JJ Rendón is enigmatic, sober, quiet and analytic. He has been described by several voices in Latin American public opinion, as a “warrior of thought and political marketing”. As a firm and declared Buddhist, JJ has the necessary skills to fight on all grounds, so long as he is essential and the political moment demands it. His acts show he is a man with absolute discretion and has full consciousness of all his movements.

He makes his position clear with regards to the Venezuelan regime with the blunt phrase “there is no argument, or enough money on the face of the earth, that would convince me to work with anyone involved in Chavismo”. This has made JJ Rendón a target for attacks by followers, of the “pseudo-revolution”, as he himself dubs it

His life philosophy and his tough opposition to the Latin American pseudo-revolution has led to him being declared an enemy of neo-totalitarian governments such as the regimes in Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba.

As a man of many talents, JJ Rendón supports various causes with unconventional methods. With his company, “Get Real Films” he produced the documentary “Here comes the Wolf”. As a Venezuelan who opposes the current regime, he has given the seminar “The Power of One” without charge, teaching simple political activism strategies for defending democracy and fighting neo-totalitarian regimes. He is also a TEDx speaker, where he has talked about Creativity and Neo-totalitarianism.

JJ Rendón Specialist In

  • Political communication
  • Hispanic vote
  • Rumor clinic
  • Marketing social
  • Public opinion crisis management
  • Political career mapping


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